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Atlas Copco USA - Industrial tools and assembly solutions

We offer air motors, air line accessories, bolting solutions, industrial tools and assembly solutions

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Atlas Copco Industrial Tools & Solutions

Ofrecemos la innovadora y amplia cartera de tecnología y soluciones, creada especialmente para satisfacer las demandas de los clientes industriales y las aplicaciones más exigentes. Explore el catálogo de más de 4.500 herramientas y sistemas industriales, que incluyen soluciones de montaje, soluciones de unión y atornillado, soluciones de extracción de material y soluciones de motor neumático.

Enfoque industrial

Atlas Copco es el proveedor líder mundial de soluciones de productividad sostenible. Y en First Technology le proporciona acceso a estas herramientas industriales inteligentes y soluciones para una variada serie de industrias, como la aeroespacial, la automoción, la electrónica, la energía, la construcción naval, el ferrocarril, la fabricación de metales, el montaje industrial, los electrodomésticos, la maquinaria y los equipos pesados, entre otras. 

Wind Energy

We have the best bolting solutions including: Hydraulic wrenches, bolt tensioners, power tools and cordless tools for manufacturing, construction, commissioning and maintenance within the wind turbine industry. With the bolting solutions available, customers working with wind energy save time and money.  
Working together with our highly experienced designers, we achieve a solution tailored to your specific needs and applications. This solution is four times faster than previous methods, drastically reducing operating time. Our tensioners offer a flexible solution that allows you to achieve your objectives.

Oil and Gas Industry

Bolting solutions for applications that demand quality tools: We include hydraulic wrenches, tensioners and continuous rotation for all bolting operations during shutdowns, maintenance, turnarounds and construction.

Case Study

A company in the oil and gas industry was having problems with the bolt tightening method. The main method it used was the application of several tools for pipe handling, a hand wrench and a pump, this affected the workers, causing their fatigue, therefore the overall application was too slow for maintenance and repair.



Torque wrenches | Bolt tensioning | Electric nutrunners | Pneumatic nutrunners

Flange Management

System, iFMS

iFMS software is management system used for planning associated data capture, analysis and reporting of all activities related to the inspection maintenance and testing of bolted joints

Bolt Load Software

Suitable for all standard flange jobs, our Bolt Load software provides quick and easy calculations for bolt tensioners and torque pressures

Bolt tensioning


The available bolt tensioning accessories are highly safe and reliable, providing peace of mind when working with high pressures.

Customized Solutions

At Atlas Copco, our in-house design engineering team has extensive experience in designing customized torque and tensioning solutions to suit any application.

Hydraulic Square


Highly durable RT wrench for the most demanding applications  

Airbac® Automatic

Retraction Tensioners

Extremely fast and easy to use

Flange Spreaders

Reliable, portable and easy to use  

Hydraulic Nuts

Hydraulic nuts replace existing hex nuts to provide fast, accurate and uniform bolt loading to any bolted joint.

Metal fabrication

Specially designed power tools for high productivity and maximum performance.
Atlas Copco tools are frequently used for manufacturing and maintenance operations in industrial sectors such as foundries, metal fabrication, mining, offshore and rail. We are leaders in tool technology.

Our power tools offer an excellent power-to-weight ratio designed for maximum performance without sacrificing operator comfort and safety.

Most importantly, they are designed to help you achieve sustainable productivity at the lowest possible operating costs.

Rail MRO

High-quality power tools and service for the global railroad industry  
Since the appearance of the first railway system in 1820, progress has brought us reliable speed and endurance. From traditional horse power to pure machine power.

Today we see higher production levels and new demands than ever before, for everyone in the business. With a strong focus on improving operator ergonomics, safety and productivity.


We offer assembly, bolting and material removal tools to meet the needs of the mining industry.
Our assembly tools are used in the manufacture of off-highway vehicles in the mining industry.

In addition, our material removal and bolting tools are used for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of vehicles and fixed installations in mines and repair centers.


Our high productivity grinders and percussive tools are extensively used in foundries and metal fabrication workshops all across the world!
The art of shaping, melting and controlling liquid metal has brought us benefits for thousands of years. Today’s foundries are based on the same principles. And just as in any other business, there is a growing demand to produce more, bigger and better.  

Metal fabrication

Material Removal Tools

Power tools designed for maximum performance and high productivity.


Drill Chucks

Industrial-grade chuck for professional drilling.

Accessories – Modular

Heads (BHM)

Drilling made easy: many heads, one single drill motor for a wide range of applications

Battery-Powered Drill

Gun (EBB / EBP)

Cordless drill with operator feedback and improved control  

RBB Rivet Bar

The perfect partner for your RRH riveting hammer  

Modular Rivet Gun

LBP Pneumatic Drill

Designed for operator flexibility

Pistol Pneumatic

Drill LBB45

Built to provide consistent reliability and performance

Pneumatic Angle

Grinder LSV12

Robustness in a compact design

Pneumatic Angle

Grinder LSV19

High power in a compact tool for smooth grinding operation  

Metal fabrication

Air Line Accessories

Atlas Copco’s wide range of air duct accessories ensures that your tools are used to their full potential. For improved ergonomics and safety, our selection includes clamps, couplings, FRLs and much more.

Air Preparation Units


Ensures maximum capacity and longer service life of your pneumatic tools  

BG Series Blow Gun

Ergonomic with high flow capacity

Atlas Copco Inline

Test equipment

Used to measure the pressure at the tool inlet.  

BAL Valve

Durable and rugged  

Claw Coupling

Quick and easy forged hose connection system

Condensate Drain

Minimize air filter maintenance with the drain fitting.  

Coupling Kit

Promotes a tidy workstation. Used for mounting accessories for FRLs.  


Innovative full flow design  

Metal fabrication

Pneumatic Assembly Tools

Atlas Copco supplies a wide range of pneumatic assembly tools designed to give you the highest possible productivity on your assembly line.

High torque angle

Nutrunner LTV

High torque tightening in a compact format  

LTV Angle Tightener

Tools offering power, speed and precision

PRO angle ratchet

W26 Wrench

Lightweight, easily accessible tool  

Direct drive gun

LUD screwdriver

Direct drive screwdrivers with good ergonomics  

ErgoPulse XS gun

High power and excellent durability

Impact wrench

LMS impact wrench

Power you can rely on  

PRO Direct Drive Gu

S23 screwdriver

Versatile screwdriver for a wide range of applications  

PRO Impact Drive Gun

Screwdriver S24

Speed and durability  


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